Thermowells in petrochemical cracking plants

For more than 25 years, we have been one of the leading manufacturers in the field of thermowells for extreme process conditions, such as those found in petrochemical steam facilities (steam crackers, steam reformers, etc.).


The temperatures inside such plants can each up to 1,400°C. The reformer tubes in the furnace are also flowed through with synthetic gases at velocities close to the speed of sound. In addition, they are enriched with
solid particles.

Such conditions (temperature, abrasion, pressure and chemical corrosion) make extreme demands on the thermowell, the service life of which is of enormous importance. Steamcrackers and similar systems are among the most complex and expensive installations.


In the petrochemical industry, therefore, the thermowels must be designed with a service life such that it is absolutely necessary to avoid any unscheduled shutdown (downtime) of the furnace.

Thermowells for this purpose are our main area of application.


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